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Welcome to Resin Floor Design

Resin Floor Design specialise in the application of resin based high performance industrial flooring systems and are approved applicators for numerous reputable material manufacturers.

Our fields of expertise include the application of epoxy and polyurethane self levelling coatings and screeds, corrosion protection systems, anti-static flooring, full conductive flooring and elastomeric car park decking systems.

In order to meet the industrial sector’s requirement of flooring systems that perform continuously, Resin Floor Design can offer our existing and potential clients expert advice from the specification stage of a project. This early approach allows for good communication between all contractors, thus ensuring a high-quality flooring installation that continues to perform under the conditions it is exposed to. Our services include a back-to-back guarantee to the client from both Resin Floor Design, as well as the applicable materials manufacturer.


Resin Floor Design was established in 2009 primarily to assist architects, project managers and flooring chemical manufacturers in the correct specification of protective finishes for concrete floors.

This service expanded to include corrosion protection systems. The company however did not have any in-house application teams and thus the approved specifications were installed by various different contracting companies...Read more>>


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